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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 14, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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reveal a shocking twist after a white house gate crasher goes missing. >> plus, plane scare. the passengers forced to fly down emergency chutes during evacuation at dulles. among them, a supreme court justice. and book bombshell. an author exposes what allegedly went down between sarah palin and a basketball star. and beginning with new developments in the disa pierce of michaela sahalis. her husband claimed she was abducted and fox 5s will thomas has the latest from virginia. will. >> reporter: brian, let me say off of the start we're in front of the warren county house the sahalis have identified as their home and you know how this goes, you never know what you're getting when they talk to us and this is how the story developed. it was at first a messing person's case and started like this. tariq sahalis called the warren county sheriff's office to say
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i am worried about my wife, i haven't heard from her in six hours and when i did, she called from an oregon area code and it should be northern virginia where she is. he was worried and reported her as messing. the deputies followed up and got her on the phone saying she sounded fine and calm and said i don't want my husband to know where i am missing persons or a family issue and she was trying to get away from him. in the last 30 minutes, this is what we learned from tmz and our own reporting. apparently michaela sahalis is with the guitarist neil shawn with the band europey and is travelling with them going to memphis, tennessee tonight, and spoke with deputies again to confirm she's fine. her publicist told fox 5 that they have had a relationship for some time and in fact journey performed at the family's oasis winery in 2005. and again we're outside of the home the sahales call their house. inside, members of the fbi and
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the warren county sheriff's office and gan, seems to be a misunderstanding between's husband and wife. back to you. >> and i don't want to sound skeptical. we know he's been on tv and crying his eyes out and felt like she was kidnapped and we're always suspect knowing the family's epfatiation with celebrity. do we feel that was all staged so everyone can feel him feeling sorry for himself here? it's a big question mark and no one knows what is going through his mind but him. perhaps he really was worried and upset his wife left. she told the deputies she didn't want him to know. maybe he's adjusting to fining this out with all of us and i would say a short time ago i spoke with one of the former taskmates and they're disgusted by this and believe it was a ploy for publicity. no one really knows.
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maybe he was upset and wondering where the wife s. law enforcement and opinionivity iss a like are confirming she's fine tonight. and will thomas. >> a prince william county teacher is accused of helping four juveniles escape from a detention facility. the teacher was assigned to the facility in monasses. the investigators believe he helped the teens slip out of the facility by giving them information on how to do that and that were found the day after the escape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor and four counts of helping in the, scan of a child. >> a -- escape of a child. >> a fox 5 news alert. the police at the university of maryland need your help tracking down a man who sexually sailed a student in her apartment -- assaulted a student in her pardon me. when she week up, the man was -- woke up, the man was touching her. investigators say this is a person of interest sign running from the area around the same time.
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if you recognize him, the university of maryland police would like to hear from you. the news edge on d.c. now. three social workers fired in the wake of the benota jacks murders are on the job. jacks was sentenced to wo20 years in prison for the -- to 120 years in prison for the murders of her four young daughters and then d.c.mier fenty fired six social workers over concerns about the family and how they were improperly handled. three successfully appealed and returned to work and got six years back pay moment. to a news edge investigation. claims about a cancer cluster. two citizens group have new evidence and inside information about an alleged coverup by the army. >> reporter: there are two groups, the christian renee foundation and fighting for frederick. they have 41 informants current and former fort dietrich
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employees who are feeding them information and, they say, that they have goned in the base with video camera -- gone inside the base with video cameras to take pictures to support their claims. decades ago, fort dietrich was the proving ground for the army's biological weapon's program. toxic chemicals leaked into the ground. the head of the foundation appearing on fox morning news said there is new evidence of cancer in people who lived nearby. >> three years ago, my daughter died. she was 28iers old. diagnosed with grade four brain cancer. it was not long after that that my second daughter started getting tumors. >> reporter: and another daughter died. at a news conditions, his foundation and -- news foundation at a news conditions released a year long investigation information. they found a log list of individuals on the same street with cancer. 42 on rocky sprigs, 60 on shipstown road and over 67
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brain cancers were recorded. jim crantz grew up on a farm near the base and said 14 of the 17 people in his family had cancer or died from it. he's frustrated the government can't see clearly a cluster exists. and those are the people living here and they don't count those and any figures at all and for people that retired don't count even though they died from cancer. >> reporter: they have hard evidence that some toxic chemical leak am is continuing. and the upsetting part is it's always going to be someone's word against the united states government. how do you get there from here in. >> reporter: a spokesman for fort deetrich are working on it. they're working with the state and county health department to investigate the possibility of a cancer cluster. an interim report found no increase casser rate and the army corp -- cancer rate and the army corps of engineers is
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going through the archives researching any informationthy can find on herbicide or pesticide testing. linda white said one informant claims the commanderedded him to take the research into the matters and put it outside under a tarp to be burned. the fort dietrich spokesman said there is no cover up and said the county and state health departments are expected to release the final cancer report in early october. brian. >> a strong line of storms moving to the west. sue palka has more. >> reporter: we have a lot of severe thunderstorm warnings. now, we have some flash flood warnings. some of these are moving so slowly that they're dropping a couple of inches of rain and we're seeing flash flooding and a lot of rain with them and some lightning. some are producing hail, especially in shenandoah county and in berkeley, west virginia, they had hail.
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almost a ping-pong ball size. can i tell you it's moving slowly east at about 15 miles an hour and for loudoun county, frederick county, maryland, and washington county, they'll go until 6:15 and farther to the west, some of the warnings for page, warren, shenandoah, clark, hardy and virginia go until 645time. to sentinel -- 645time. to sentinel radar issue you will see the updraft. the storms have a capability of gusty winds and that hail, we have seen from three quarters of an inch to ping-pong ball size and, unfortunately, as you can see here in the green issue we have the flash flood warnings for warren county, shenandoah, clark, hardy, and southern frederick county in northwest virginia until 8:45. more coming up. we'll track the progression of the storms with the full weather forecast in a few minutes. >> the u.s. supreme court ruth bader ginsburg justice had to slide down an emergency chute
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after a plane scare at dulles international airport. a united airlines flight was on the taxiway when the pilot noticed a problem with the engine. the passengers used emergency chute tags that ginsburg was on the way to san francisco. she was not hurt. there was a report of one injury. a subject of much debate this week. and if you have innocent little 12-year-old girls be forced to have a government injection through an executive order is just flat out wrong. >> did michele bachmann had her facts straight when she went after rick perry. find out what the medical community has to say about that. >> and a new sell-out book alleges a relationship between sarah palin and a former basketball star. 
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>> the american academy of pediatrics said there is no science evidence at all to back up a claim of the hpv vaccine made by presidential candidate
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michelle bach men. >> to have innocent little 12- year-old girls be forced to have a government injection through an executive order is just fat out wrong. that should never be done. a violation of a liberty interest. that is little girls who have a negative reaction to this potentially dangerous drug. don't get a mulley gap. they don't get a do-over. >> bachmann claims she spoke to a woman after the debate who became mentally handicap and that is where she got the vaccine. the academy said there is zero evidence that it can cause this side effect. the drug has an excellent safety record. the reason the vaccine is recommended for girls around 11 or dwell, that is the age where their immune system responds best. >> a new book said former presidential, vice presidential candidate sarah palin had a one- night stand with a future nba star when he was still in college. the book by joe macinnis said
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glen rice confirms the fling this happened in no one 87. palin would have been 23, rice a junior at the university of michigan. the book said she married her husband todd nine months later and repeats the allegations this she denied she had an affair with her husband's business partner in the mid- 90s. coming up on the news edge. >> because of quick responses from an employee, a customer, a dispatcher, and some passengers, a life is saved in montgomery county.
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>> trying to call 911 while having a heart attack and not being able to speak. a combination of technology and some human intervention is hailed for saving a month groomery man's life in that same situation. john henrehan has more. >> reporter: part of the reason the man is alive today is the training and perhaps the intogether is of a 911 --
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instinct of a 911 call taker. the public safety operator got an unusual 911 call on tuesday afternoon. >> hello, i need the like of the emergency. can you talk to me? >> reporter: sometimes people make joke calls to 9 ref and sometimes people accidentally dial their phone. and i think hear breathing and sounds, like muffled signs. like someone had accidentally called and from their pocket. >> were any words spoken by the caller? judge no, just breathing. >> reporter: show didn't like what she heard and to be safe, she ran the program, which identifies the location of cell phones. it came up at the home depot store in germantown and requested that fore fighters and an ambulance investigate. at that me, the home depot employee came across the man on the ground in the garden
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center. wendy was still listening on the cell phone and could hear jeff -- . >> er is, are you okay? >> she heard mcnay and others begin to attend a patient obviously in great distress. >> roll over. >> reporter: at that point, she requested an advanced life- support ambulance be dispatched. it's a good thing. >> i looked at him and i saw the cell phone and saw his face was blue and saw his eyes bulging and him gagging taking, like this kind of breath. >> reporter: mcnay also called 911. by now, two ambulances were rolling toward the home did poe. a retired emergency medical technician jumped in. he doesn't appear to be breathing at this type. i don't have a safe vest, i'm doing compression. >> reporter: arriving passengers used a defibrillator to get the man's heart into regular rhythm. as he was transported in the advanced life-support ambulance, his ekg was transmitted by cell phone to er docs at shady grove hospital to
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immediately begin appropriate treatment the patient's brother -- treatment. the part's brother went back to the home dough poe to help the -- home depot to help him. he's stable and doing well at shady grove hospital. >> john henrehan tonight movement is hump day into the weekend. tell me you have great news. >> we have great news but have to transition through tonight and tomorrow. a big shot of autumn air is coming. because it's summer like today in the mid- and upper 80s, humid, we're squeezing out strong storms that are all off to the west and they're slowly moving in this direction. nowing as they move closer to the district -- district, it's possible they are going to weak know out. they're slow to budge and we'll start you out with a live look over d.c. it's not raining here locally but on to radar we go to give you a bigger picture idea that everything is to the west and beginning to close in on loudoun county and on
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frederick, hagerstown getting this and the storms are moving slowly and have some rain with them and more hail. there jar flash flood warnings to talk about with the thruster to the south and had is what is going on here. slow movement and to we have strong updrafts and they got stronger. these have been producing hail as we talked about, the hailstones to the size of quarters and we had a couple of others coming through berkeley, west virginia, and around the martinsburg area that were larger and near berkeley. some ping-pong ball sized hail. with the tall updrafts running into the unstable air between now and when the sun goes down, specially to the west, we have the warnings in the yellow area. we spotlighted the exact areas this are getting through this through the panhandle of west virginia and a will bit of
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washington county -- a little bit of washington county here and shenandoah and the greenens here. we have the -- green edges here and they could produce three inches for some areas and this is not exactly the region with the worst of the rains and tropical storm lowe, it's enough to cause some flooding in a few spots and we're watching out for martinsburg and hagerstown. a lot of lightning this these things and to the south, west of front royal and south of win chester and some moving east. coming ahead of a cool front and this is going to do amazing things. not tonight because it's going to slow down but into friday and the weekend, a stronger front tomorrow and that is going to chase some cool air in here and some dramatic temperature drops to the wet. we're down to 84 degrees and summer look around here. the high is 86 and cincinnati, 73; st. louis, up and over 90
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yesterday and is 55 degrees right now. chicago is 58, international falls, 44 degrees. we're expecting a cooldown and that is trickling in tomorrow night and that is a beginning of the changeup. tomorrow, week so more showers, maybe not many storms but they're going to get cooler and going to get breeze. the temperature tomorrow, 77 and you know, good 9 degrees cooler than today and another 10 degrees cool or friday. and some good news, it's out of here on friday, saturday, sunday, and monday, and that is a nice stretch of pure autumn air and temperatures in the 60s. >> sounds like a great weekend. >> eprememberetic and inspiring. he carried the low -- energetic and inspiring. what will tell hightower do this week? and not something you want to admit around your boys.
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>> good evening, i'm dave feldman. the washington redskins coach said landry, arapo, ankle, both limited in practice today. no determination is made whether they will play send against arizona. and everyone else had full participation and that includes chris cooly and kick returner brandon bangs. how about time hetower. last season, rush -- tim highis tower. rushed for a career average last year. as a rookie, played in super bowl 43 on, a game super bowl
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xliii, a game played by the steelers. last year, rushed 26 times and 25 by high tower. as far as his role this sunday gas the cardinals, he said bring it on. >> you don't know and i can't -- i don't go to a game trying to press secretary or figure out exactly what my world is going to be. i prepare to carry it six times if i have to. that is the type of conditioning and what i set and prepare myself for. for me, anything else is less -- less is easy. sunday, rex grossman posted his third 300-yard passing game as a starter with the skins. the performance is not flawless. the third quarter, 21-49 and fumbled. the giants recovered. fortunately, the defense stood tall and blocked the field- goal. he understands the keys to his success. >> general terms of this, you know, you want to, a, protect the ball. b, make the right reads. and, you know, when the play is it to -- there to be made, make
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a high percentage of this and i thought i did that. maryland terrapins like the redskins won the opener defeating miami, 32-24 and saturday, the terps face a major test when 18th-ranked west virginia comes tocoem park. and began with a bank on labor day. the terps fashion statement hit a national splash and by the end of the game, maryland let the football jersey talk. side is a bigger task. west virginia and the terps have not beaten the last five times. the coach, all-day layoffs are a concern. >> i hope we get better, you know, the old addage and football that a team makes the biggest improvement between game 1 and game two. sometimes i think that happens when you play game 1 and you play next we. we didn't have that. we played a game and had, really, 12 days off before playing another game and i know this. we have to improve, you know, if we want to go out and get a
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win. >> and tonight on twitter, he will reveal what uniform combo the terps will wear against west virginia. we'll see if shy can top the opening -- see if he can top the opening combo against miami. >> we is a new -- we have a new world with 32-42 permientations this he can rip out when jeff he want. >> got it. >> that will be fine. the turtle? the turtle. icwo d
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